Taki Govt. College

Taki Government College

[Accredited by NAAC since 26 September 2018]

Affiliated to West Bengal State University (WBSU)

Message from Principal/Officer in Charge

Message from Principal/Officer in Charge

Taki Government Colllege started its journey in the year 1950 with the responsibility to fulfill the educational aspirations of a large number of local students after the partition. The then education minister of West Bengal, Honourable Sri Harendranath Roy Chowdhury, a distinguished resident of Taki, played a key role in the establishment of the college. From the day of its inception, Taki Government College became instrumental in nurturing and shaping numerous young minds coming from a large spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds. Due to its geographical location, it has a legacy of training the students from remote areas, including first generation learners.

Now, what does a College mean? Is it a collection of classrooms and other infrastructural facilities? A place where only subjects of choice is taught? Definitely not. College is a place where, the academic merit and achievements of the teachers are reflected onto the students’ own talents and skills, thus fostering an environment where growth and learning are encouraged. The staff members play a pivotal role in ensuring that the institution runs smoothly. Taki Government College bears no exception to this spirit.

In the Present day scenario of education where educational fees are increasing day by day, however , the fee structure of Taki Government College and its hostels are quite reasonable as it is a Government institution. As a result , a large number of students, both from remote areas and economically backward sections, can afford their education here. Students also get support from a large number of scholarships, both government and non government, to overcome their financial constraints. It is worth mentioning that Taki Government College is one of the largest Colleges in terms of number of scholarship recipients. Thus, Taki Government College plays an important role in inculcating students’ merits. It helps them in overcoming their difficulties and leads them towards their goals. A distinguished alumni list reflects the glory of Taki Government College.

The number of Students, enrolled in Taki Government College, is quite large. That’s why it faces some challenges related to infrastructural facilities. Even then, the college bears the responsibility to make the students aware of the fact that the reasonable fee structure of this College is due to funding from the Government and in essence from the money of the tax-payers. This motivates the students to prove themselves not only as skilled professionals but also as responsible citizens of the country.

Dr. Shanta Mukhopadhyay, Officer-In-Charge