Taki Govt. College

Taki Government College

[Accredited by NAAC since 26 September 2018]

Affiliated to West Bengal State University (WBSU)

Strategic Plans


The institution Taki Government College, as the name signifies, is directly accountable to the Government of West Bengal because the State Government provides the basic and recurring funding of the College in its entirety. In addition, being the 2(f) and 12(B) Certificate affiliate of the University Grants Commission (UGC), INDIA, the College also gets stipulated Academic and Infrastructural Development Grants from the UGC, INDIA.

Taki Government College functions under the aegis of the Education Directorate (ED) with concurrent guidance of the Department of Higher Education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology (DHESTB), Government of West Bengal. The Education Directorate, in consonance with the DHESTB, frames Educational Policies and does long-term planning for institutional growth and development albeit taking initiating suggests from the Institution. The DHESTB along with ED directly oversees the financial aspects of the Institution and provides Salaries, Development Grants under various Planned and Non-planned heads and further delves into different aspects of administration. The combine of DHESTB & ED also controls matters concerning to appointments, promotions, transfers and allied aspects of Employees of the College.

Head of the institution, the Principal, does primary liaison with the regulating & controlling organs, the DHESTB, the ED, the Governing Body and the affiliating West Bengal State University (WBSU). The Principal also heads the internal controlling bodies, the IQAC, the PG Administrative Board, the Teachers’ Council and the Support Staff Section.

The major policy objective is to provide wholesome education to the student aspirants and generate their all-round development. The Strategic Plans & Policies that revolves around imparting wholesome education are being framed in accordance with the Vision-Mission-ThrustPriority document of the Institution and in tune with the State Government Education Policies.

Perspective Premeditated Plans: The viewpoint of future plans are as narrated underneath.

  1. Expansion of academics to include offering of Bachelor and Masters in need-based interdisciplinary subjects.
  2. Developing the infrastructure to such extent that the Institution can provide space to all the aspirants to obtain wholesome education.
  3. Construction of more sports and cultural facilities such as gymnasium hall, indoor badminton, lawn-tennis & such other courts, performing art auditoriums and allied facilities to ensure total development of the student folks.
  4. Installation of basic facilities such as elevators, ramps in all the floors, specially modelled washrooms in all floor of all buildings exclusively for the specially challenged students for their all-round upliftment and to uphold the ethos of inclusiveness of imparted education.
  5. To infuse more and more Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) ingredients & facilities into the regular curriculum to make the education more effective.
  6. Introduction of more and more parallel training courses such as IT-enabled “Spoken Tutorial Project” course for soft skill development in conjunction with IIT Mumbai and recognized by MHRD, where Taki Government College plays as a Nodal centre.
  7. Installation of basic amenities such as transformers for unhindered power supply, Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for supply of water free from iron & hazardous elements and ACs, fans etc for having ambient atmosphere in the entire College without any discrimination.
  8. Installation of high-speed internet facility and other instantaneous communication devices in the College and to extend the facilities for potential use throughout the College campus.
  9. To put more emphasis on Classroom teaching for enhancing its effectiveness and clarity with the purpose of containing completely the dependence of Students on private tuition and renew their full reliance on class-room teaching.
  10. To further enhance the efficiency of Career Counselling & Placement Cell so as to achieve 100% success in the future timeline.
  11. To convene regular awareness programs to eradicate any locale subnormality and hence to inject more flexibility & open mindedness within the student aspirants and make them forward looking.
  12. To pursue with relevant authority for deputing more and more human resources in the different staff strata of the College to achieve the Teacher:Student ratio below a sensible limit.

The Principal, who is the Administrative Head of the College, provides leadership in framing plans & policies as above and also endeavours to implement them under the Gubernatorial norms and stipulations. Further, the Principal also acts as the drawing and disbursing officer (DDO) of the institution and looks into the financial matters of the College. Premeditated Strategic plans as narrated above ,are deployed systematically as warranted by Institutional demand .Documental evidences relating to deployment of premeditated plans are provided (partly) to substantiate institutional claim of such deployment.