taki government college

[Accredited by NAAC since 26 September 2018]

Authority's Speak

Establishing a Government College at Taki in the post independence era in 1950, had been a pioneering footstep and the Taki Government College, in its very many avenues, has been upholding the cause of its foundation.

The college is carrying through its task of imparting inclusive education to the aspiring students coming from a stretched spectrum of social and economical background and thus it is reasserting the spirit of inclusiveness.

Dr. Biplab Chattopadhyay,

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Vision & Mission

Every institution has certain 'inclusive' specificities which mark its 'exclusive' commitment and contribution to the nation. Taki Government College was established at a critical juncture after independence with the vision to educate the uprooted young men and women along with the...

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About The College

The perception that goes around along the banks of Ichhamoti and encircling Taki, is that the Taki Government College is a phenomenon manifesting itself in various characteristic attires such as heritage, excellence, dynamism, learning, leadership, inspiration, self-determination and so on so forth....

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